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  Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors and Other True Cases (Crime Files, #16)Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors and Other True Cases by Ann Rule
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ann Rule is the ultimate true crime author. Her research is so complete, and she writes events in such a compelling way, that you could easily be reading fiction. But you're not! This really happened.

There are two anchor stories in this volume. One of the stories took place at the Spreckels beachfront mansion in Coronado, California. At the time, billionaire Jonah Shacknai owned the mansion. There were two tragedies in as many days. First, Shacknai's son fell from the stairs to the marble floor below. Less than two days later, his girlfriend is found hanging from a balcony off one of the bedrooms, her hands tied behind her back. This is a serious mystery, and Ann Rule presents several angles and possibilities like the seasoned crime reporter she is. Honestly, the story was extremely interesting, but I was left with even more questions!

The other story is one I first heard snippets about on one of the TV shows I watch. It was about Susan Powell who vanished in 2009. Her husband Josh was not the loving man he claimed to be, in fact, was quite the opposite, and his family held many secrets. This story was deep and intriguing.

There were some other shorter stories toward the end of the book, all of which were engaging and thought-provoking. There really is no one better at true crime than Ann Rule.

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