Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sunday Synopsis

The Widow Next DoorThe Widow Next Door by L.A. Detwiler
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A newlywed couple moves into a beautiful home on Bristol Lane. The elderly widow across the street watches their every move, day in and day out. Do you really know your neighbors?

This is the kind of book I want to abandon, and I wish I would have because as I was reading, I just couldn't help wishing it was over. Just get this over.

First, the author's writing style was sophomoric. Detwiler would repeat the "widow's" thoughts over and over. She would say, "It wouldn't do to go to that other door," and "It doesn't do to fall." It got boring quickly. Most of the story was just the widow's thoughts. What dialogue there was seemed incongruent to the character. What old lady says, "You're losing it," or calls someone, "bimbo?" How many little old grannies say, "No. Just no," or "Sure thing, doctor." Have you heard an old woman say, "It's all on me."? What about, "...she's royally messed it up..."? None? Me, either.

Not only that, but since we were supposed to be in her head, there were questions one after another. Were the questions I asked above annoying? I know! They were! On one page, I counted seven in a row, and multiple questions on each page. Additionally, Detwiler wrote contradictions such as having the woman say she hadn't been downstairs in days, then the woman would be talking about having been in her kitchen downstairs... things like that.

What frail old woman do you know who could survive falling downstairs much less be able to fight off a woman sixty years her junior? Unbelievable.

Still more, the story was completely predictable. Completely. Unrealistic and predictable with careless diction makes for a book I could not recommend to anyone. Thank goodness it was free, because this book was a loser.

On Google, this book is described as "incredible," "a showstopper," "twisted," and "brilliant." How terribly misleading.

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