Sunday, April 07, 2019

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Every Last LieEvery Last Lie by Mary Kubica
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was even better than the first Mary Kubica I read! It was entertaining from beginning to end. There were no "down" parts or "filler," only excitement from start to finish!

Clara's world is shattered when her husband and 4 year old daughter are involved in a car crash. Nick is killed, while Maisie is not hurt. Clara, who has just given birth to their second child, is on a quest for the truth. How and why did Nick die? Was he being chased? Talking on the phone? Driving too fast? Was it suicide? As every little lie Nick has told her is revealed, she sinks so much further into grief that there is no telling what she will do.

The chapters alternate from Nick, narrating events in the months before the accident, to Clara, investigating the events from the accident and on. How many people will be hurt by the truth and lies she uncovers?

This book kept me awake! I could not stand to put it down. The characters are so well developed. The flow of the story makes it easy to read. There is so much suspense! If you liked Kubica's The Good Girl, or Flynn's Gone Girl, you will love Every Last Lie.

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