Monday, October 29, 2018

Random Tuesday

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Howdy from Texas, where we had a high of 86 today.  We've had highs in the low 90's this month still.  A week ago, we had a high of 64.  Bi-polar much?  LOL.  Texans aren't the only ones, but we like to complain about our crazy weather.  So let's start with some funnies... that are TRUTH!

Hahahaha!  But it's true, y'all!

Yesterday was National Cat Day.  Here's our princess!  (Her name is Lacy.)

Halloween is tomorrow.  I have a like/dislike relationship with Halloween.  It's not strong enough for love/hate.  I enjoy seeing the little kids dressed up in their costumes, and I like giving out candy.  I don't like that my sixth and seventh grade students think Halloween should be a national holiday.  I always ask them, "What holy day do you celebrate on October 31?"  I also don't like all the scary stuff.  Some of the homes around here look like haunted houses.  I don't like to be scared on purpose!  That's why I don't want horror movies.  Driving to work is like watching trailers for a dozen horror movies!

Halloween was a lot of fun when my kids were younger.  We would have block parties, not just for the kids, but for us as well.  They are so cute when they dress up, but I don't really understand the purpose.  Someone on the news said that there is a suggestion to make Halloween the last Saturday of October instead of the 31st.  I'm all for that!  You try teaching  kids who are hyped up on extra sugar!  Dislike!
And one last thing...
Have a great week!


  1. Wow, Texas would be a heat wave here! Our weather has been crazy too but the average is in the 70s. I like Halloween, including the scary stuff. Your cat is very pretty.

  2. Your weather sounds just like ours, and we have had fog every morning, too. There are good things about living in the swamps, but weather is not always one of them.

    Princess Lacy is beautiful.

    You are so right about the traffic being scary enough, i can do without scary movies and haunted houses. The Great Neighborhood Candy Exchange is fun, the rest, not so much.

  3. LOL Florida is the same way. I make sure the kids have some kind of jacket in the AM and by the time they get home, they're melting.

  4. Sheesh! Texas weather is crazy, isn't it? :)

    I'm with you - I have a like/dislike relationship with Halloween. I do love seeing all the little kids dressed up, and I used to enjoy going to costume parties, but my hubby isn't into it, so we haven't gone to one in years. I'm kinda thinking of getting him on board for next year. ;)

    And I'm also with you on I will avoid any and all horror movies - I'm not a fan of those at all!

    Love the funnies! :)


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