Monday, October 15, 2018

Random Tuesday

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Last night was a rare treat for me.  No papers to grade!  That will all change soon enough!  Have I mentioned that I'm giving up my conference period this year to teach an extra class?  It means that I teach non-stop all day.  The things I would normally do during my conference period have to be done in the morning or after school, so I am there late every day.  It's okay, though.  While I'm tired, I am getting paid for it, so...

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Have you ever thought about having your DNA tested?  I wonder what they can tell besides ancestry and heritage.  Can they tell if you are predisposed to a certain hereditary illness?  What about other things besides health matters?  I've always been a little scared to send my DNA off to a company who will keep a record of everything my DNA tells them.  That probably sounds unusual, but I really don't want anybody knowing anything about me that isn't necessary.

Our temperatures dropped in the Gulf Coast of Texas today.  They've been in the 90's.  Last night we were in the upper 50's, and we'll have a high in the mid-60's for a few days.  We'll be back in the 70's by the end of the week, and probably higher than that the following week.  This is just a short respite from the heat.

Are you making any Halloween plans?  We used to attend a martini party at our friend's house, but she stopped having them a couple of years ago.  I'm actually thankful.  It's too difficult trying to find a costume that isn't too funny-looking, and the last time I went to one of her parties, let's just say I didn't feel well the next day, and it wasn't a result of the food!  No Halloween plans for me this year except giving out candy to cute kids who happen to ring my doorbell.  Which brings me to today's first funny...

And this one is soooooo me!

And last, but not least, meet Maru, the cutest cat in the world.  He is a Scottish fold who lives in Japan.  He's 11 years old.  His videos on YouTube have over 200 million hits!
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Have a great week!

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  1. Having to work more hours is difficult, i am glad you are being paid for it.

    Like you, i don't want my DNA tested. There are still too many privacy concerns for my comfort.

    Great funnies, and these swamps in south Louisiana are a few days out from your cool Texas air getting to us. We will enjoy it when it arrives, though.

    Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


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