Monday, October 01, 2018

Random Tuesday

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What a busy week and weekend it's been!  We had a houseguest last week, my daughter's boyfriend.  He was here to do classroom observations.  He is living about 4 hours away right now. It was unusual having another person in the house, then also having my son home over the weekend.  Too many people!  I love them all dearly, but I'm not used to things being so busy anymore.  Empty nest is not going to be a huge problem for me.

My husband and I need to have our shower replaced.  We have needed to for a while.  This past week it was extremely evident that we cannot continue to share one shower!  We also have two bathtubs, but no one wants to take a bath every day.

And speaking of showers, I finally got one of those turbo shower spinners.  I've been wanting one for a while.  It's works pretty well, but I think when I put one of the other brushes on it, it will work better.

Have you heard this?  A private boys' high school in Miami had WILD animals for decorations at their prom including a live tiger in a cage.  It's really a sad story.  The poor tiger was pacing and pacing while there was a performer with fire and dancing with loud music.  I hope PETA put them in their place!

And now for some funnies...

Have a great week!


  1. That poor tiger! Cage pacing is a sign of distress, and i blame whoever allowed them to use the animal for such a purpose, too.

    Great funnies, i hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. I'm not a huge PETA supporter but definitely agree that the wild animals should not have been at that prom. Bad decision!

  3. Oh that poor tiger!! What were they thinking? Oh, that's right - they probably weren't least not of the poor tiger!

    All those people when you're not used to it - bet you were glad to have your house back when they left. ;)


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