Monday, August 06, 2018

Random Nonsense

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I can't believe I got sucked in again!  The Bachelorette finale was last night.  I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't watched it, not that any of you, dear readers, let yourself get sucked in to this so-called romantic, reality tv.  You know what I wonder, though?  I wonder how it is that some of the people who end up on the show already knew each other.  It's like there is some secret society out there with Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants.  And I know that a LOT of it is scripted.  I know they pit one guy against another just for ratings.  So how do I get sucked in?  Uuggghhhh!

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And don't forget, Bachelor in Paradise premiers tonight!  Hahahaha!

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Today, my (grown) son and I are going to tour Minute Maid Park - Home of the World Series Champions, the Houston Astros!  We're so excited.  I think he is most looking forward to seeing the press box.  Me?  I'm just ready to take it all in.

"I'm so ready to go back to school next week," said NO TEACHER EVER!  But, return to work I must.  We had to pack everything up this year so they could replace the flooring, so there is a heckuva lot of unpacking to do before I can even think about having students, much less their parents, in my room during orientation next week.  Lots and lots and lots of work!

And that's all I have right now.  My brain is so NOT ready to work again!  So, here ya go!

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Have a great week!

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  1. Great funnies, and i do hope you get through your room set-up in record time. Thank you for being a teacher, i appreciate you.


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