Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is a typical day

Play along at Thursday Thirteen.

I worked from 8AM to 5:15 PM with a half hour break for lunch.  This is what I did when I came home:

1.  Chopped vegetables
2.  Cooked dinner
3.  Washed dishes
4.  Cleaned Kitchen Counters
5.  Swept the kitchen, breakfast room, dining room and living room
6.  Dusted the downstairs furniture
7.  Vacuumed four of our five bedrooms
8.  Cleaned out the vacuum cleaner
9.  Gathered trash from the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs and took it out
10. Scooped the kitty litter
11. Ironed a shirt
12. Went through a large stack of mail
13. AND wrote a message for the belated birthday card I'm sending to my nephew

(And... after all that, I also did some school work.)

I didn't get to do any of these things I would have liked such as
Eat peanut butter M&Ms
Drink a Coke
Watch several TV shows
Take a bubble bath

Play computer games
Read for fun
OR Organize my scrapbook supplies

Oh, well.  Maybe I can do the pleasant things this weekend!
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  1. Wow, did you get a lot done! I'm impressed, but I hope you'll get to do some fun stuff today.

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm home all day and I don't get all that done! Go you! Tomorrow leave the bedrooms un-vaccuumed and watch TV with a bag of M&M's!

  3. You're a busy person! Good for you. But stop and eat some chocolate every now and then!

  4. Yeah, I used to have days like that, too. But then I gave up the methamphetamine.....

  5. Ron, you sly dog! That's what I feel like sometimes! Or the Energizer Bunny! LOL!

  6. Oh, all the not-so-fun things. Hopefully, you'll get to do the fun stuff this weekend!

  7. can do all that alone? you're a superwoman


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