Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coffee Chat

I'm joining Rory Bore at Ink Interrupted for Coffee Chat.  No random stuff today.  Almost didn't make it for Coffee.  I'm feeling a bit disorganized lately and rushed.  So much to do at work.  As soon as I catch up, I'm swamped again!

Today, our lovely hostess asks us...
What is your go to Confidence Booster?

Wow.  What?  First, I think...Who?  Definitely not my mother.  Actually, that's not necessarily true.  If she knows I need a pep talk, she'll give me one.  But if I'm just spending time with her, and she's not giving me a pep talk on purpose, she can be very negative.  She tends to point out that other people are prettier, smarter, better in some way.  I honestly don't think she means to, but she grew up with a very negative mom, so she must know how it affects people.  Avoid negativity!

My husband.  He's my go-to-guy.  He can boost my confidence.  Sometimes he might not realize I need a boost, but when he knows I do, he's the best.
My daughter, too, is a great confidence booster, and she doesn't even realize she's doing it.  She'll tell someone how much she admires me.  She'll thank me for sacrificing for her.  And if she knows I'm down, she'll tell me all the reasons I need to be up.

Planning an interactive, engaging lesson boosts my confidence.

Reading the Bible and/or attending church boost my confidence.

Donating goods or money to organizations that I feel are worthy boosts my confidence.

And your comments on my blog boost my confidence!

Here's a quick fix to boost your confidence:  Fake it till you make it!  Appear self-confident.  Speak with confidence. And you will become confident.

How do you boost your confidence?

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  1. I love all the things you listed as bestowing confidence! Such important matters - it's not always all about us. It's funny, I try sometimes NOT to bring it all to my husband, because what Fun am I to him then?? But really he should be the one to life me up and set me on the right path. Thankfully we both tend to realize that before one of us gets too far down the barely trodden path.


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