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Thursday Thirteen Valentine's Day

I am resurrecting a post I wrote two years ago in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day "holiday" with a few minor changes.

This edition of Thursday 13 is brought to you by Valentine's Day. I'm not necessarily a huge proponent of Valentine's Day, as you can read in this post, but to my male readers (although I think most of my readers are female) you need to know that when a woman says, "Oh, you don't need to get me anything," or "Oh, anything will do," it is a good-natured LIE. Women just don't want to TELL you they expect a gift. They want it to be your idea. So, Men, your wife will always LOVE to get a gift from you, regardless of how much the lady doth protest.

1. A card - Not a Hallmark card. A card you have either made yourself, or one that has a super-sweet or sexy sentiment handwritten by you, or perhaps a love poem is tucked inside.

2.Candy - I prefer Peanut Butter M&Ms, but some women want a candy heart.  But here's a tip... Skip the Pangburn's and go straight to the really good stuff like Dove, Ghiradelli, Lindt, or Godiva.

3. Flowers -  I love the color pink and pretty much any type of flower such as carnations and roses. And I like Cala Lillies, too.  Try to send them to her at work where her friends and co-workers will see them. That'll earn you some extra sugar. And make sure they come in a vase, not a box!

4.Stuffed Animals - Again, I don't mean the ones you get off the shelf at CVS or Walgreens. Get the good stuff! Go to Build-a-Bear workshop, probably in every mall near you, choose a cute bear, record your voice giving her a message, and the Bear-Builders will place the message so she can hear it when she presses a button in the animal's paw. She'll see you as thoughtful.  I have a pink cat that my husband and children gave me that I love.

5. Pajamas or lingerie - Nothing too risque. A pajamagram is a great gift idea, and I've already found the link for you.. I heard about this on the radio.

6. A Restaurant Dinner - Take her out to her favorite restaurant. And don't forget to make reservations so you don't have to wait for hours.

7. Perfume - Find out her favorite fragrance and purchase it for her.

8. Jewelry - Diamonds are nice, but so are earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Ask a salesperson to help you choose something stylish in the costume jewelry section if your budget can't take diamonds right now.  I have fallen in love with Charming Charlie!
9. Bubble Bath - And the time to take a long, hot bath without kids disturbing her! I love the detox rocks from Bath Junkie. And lavendar is a relaxing fragrance.  I also like the "rock-type" lavendar/chamomile bath stuff from Bath and Body Works, but they are usually sold out.

10. Candles - Can you tell that women love fragrance? And again, don't go for the dollar store candles. Choose one at a place such as Yankee Candle Company or Bath and Body Works.  If you know someone in the business, PartyLite makes the best candles.
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11. Movie Tickets - Take her to see that chick-flik she's dying to see.

12. Theater Tickets - Even better than a movie, buy tickets to the theater. She'll see you have a cultural side.

13. A Professional Massage or Facial - Saved the best for less. Massage Envy tends to be an affordable place. Find a day spa near you that gives deep cleansing facials, one hour massages, or better yet, couples massages. She'll be so relaxed! And a relaxed woman is a happy woman!

Ladies, what do you prefer as a Valentine gift?


Happy Valentine's Day!  Visit Thursday Thirteen here.
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  1. A great list...somewhere along the line Mr BC learned to send the flowers to work rather than bring them personally.

  2. Great ideas. My husband will take me to dinner. I am okay with whatever he does. I am allergic to flowers so he seldom brings me those - otherwise I'd have a closet full of artificial ones.

  3. Flowers always work. I like to pass conversation candy hearts.

  4. I love the flower suggestion, too. And teddy bears, and hmmmm? This was a well thought out and wonderful list!

  5. Good list. I am sure many agree, or have variations of these. Happy Valentine's Day!


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