Monday, February 13, 2017

Random and Coffee Chat

I'm linking up with Stacy.

Hello all!  Are you celebrating this day of love with your sweetie?  I'm working most of the day, as is hubby, but we plan to get dinner together.  And maybe Rockets tickets for the game tomorrow!  That would be awesome in my book.  Did you see my list of gifts that would make me happy?  I wonder if your top gift made my list.  Check and let me know!

So, did any of you watch the Grammy's?  I didn't.  I don't usually watch awards shows.  I get bored.  I can always find out the winners the next day, if I care to.  Most of the music that was featured I don't listen to, so that was another reason.
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Did you hear about the guys who sneaked into the SuperBowl?  Some enlisted help from Patriot's fans who left a side door open, and some used a step-ladder to gain access.  That's some big cajones!  You can read about it here.
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Texas-based business, My Fit Foods, has completely shut down.  Their gig was providing ready-made healthy foods.  I tried some that they delivered to us at school once, but I never got the chance to go buy any.  And as a sure sign that the business is defunct is that their Twitter account is closed.  That pretty much makes it a done deal.

And now let's have some coffee chat.

Our hostess asks...

LOVE.   What, or Who are you lovin' lately?

Who am I lovin'?  My husband, of course,  He is doing his best to make our marriage work.  Sure, we have ups and downs, but right now we're in an "up" and I hope it lasts a long time.

I'm also lovin' my children who are either away at college or living elsewhere so we don't see them often.

WHAT am I lovin'?  PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms!  Oh, my, goodness, these are all kinds of deliciousness!  If I have them, I will eat them.  Not the peanut kind.  Peanut BUTTER.  They are soooo much better than Resse's Pieces.  RPs don't have chocolate.  They're better than Reese's.  They have a smooth peanut butter mixed in with the chocolate in a candy shell.  These are my current favorite addiction.

How about you?
Have a great week!

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  1. I did check out your gift list and while you have a nice one I didn't see anything I really wanted. Over the years, DH has been more than generous getting perfume, lingerie, jewelry, ... that I don't need anything new. Of course, I won't turn down chocolates. After all, I am a girl and a box of chocolates speaks my name. BTW, DH did come home last night with early V-Day gifts of a single red rose, a cute little Teddy bear, and a box of Harry London assorted chocolates which actually surprised me because we had gotten each other a small box of chocolates over the weekend to share. He' so terribly sweet to me. My heart runneth over!

    We flipped over to the Grammy's to watch just a few minutes. How fortunate(NOT) we were to see 21 Pilots receive their Grammy's in their undershorts. They looked a mess, especially one band member with weird colored hair and huge holes in his ears, without taking their pants off. But, I'm like you most of the mewsic is stuff I don't listen to and if I want to know who won then that's why Google was invented, right? :)

    No, I didn't hear the news of the sneak-ins at the Super Bowl. I have not heard of the business in Texas so I'm not familiar with them nor did I know about their closing. I hate hearing about any business shutting its doors, though. That means someone loses their job. :(

    Here's hoping your Valentine's Day is an extraordinarily sweet one! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. Businesses that produce healthy foods are what we need more of in this country, not less! But i guess very little outsells the junk food.

    Sneaking into any major sports venue doesn't sound like a smart idea to me, but i'm not a crazed football fan (just a minor one of local teams).

    A massage would be a fabulous gift. A weekend at a spa where someone massaged me multiple times and i got facials and healthy food cooked for me by someone else...that almost sounds like heaven!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. My hubby usually boycotts Valentine's Day, since he doesn't like how much of a "Hallmark Holiday" it is - I do agree with him to a point, but since I'm a romantic at heart, I do like extra special attention on Valentine's Day. Though I do draw the line at flowers on Valentine's Day, because with the vast commercialization, the flower place hike the prices up waaaaaaaay too high - because they can. Though I did stop and by myself a dozen roses from a couple of guys that were selling them on the side of the road in our tiny town - they weren't overcharging, and I felt good helping them out on their venture! ;)

    Your list is perfect - several of those items are things I've mentioned to my hubby as ideas not only for Valentine's Day, but other celebrations, too (birthday, anniversary, etc.) I did tell him this year, the very minimum I would love to get for Valentine's is a box of chocolates - because who doesn't love chocolates? And even though I'm not a chocoholic, I do love getting chocolates on Valentine's Day. He brought home a box - and a very sweet card, too! :) Plus we're going to feed the kids early, then sneak out and check out the local dive bar for dinner - because pub food is usually good, and we've wanted to check out this place since we moved. Two birds, one stone! :)

    I didn't watch the Grammy's, but mostly because I like to catch the highlights the next day on my own time. ;)

    I hadn't heard about the guys that sneaked into the SuperBowl! I'll read all about it when I'm done here.

    Sad that a place that provides healthy food closed down. We need more healthy options!

    I am going to have to check out those peanut butter M&M's! They sound delish! :)

  4. Oh, good grief. Sneaking into the Super Bowl. I would be too afraid I would get caught or cause someone else to do so! Do it right, and watch it on TV if you need to!

    I liked your loves and assessment of them. I will need to check out those M&Ms!

  5. I would eat that whole bag in one sitting!! Chocolate and peanut butter is the best. And they are much better than RP -- the peanut butter in RP is not even as good.

    I cannot believe they broke into the Super Bowl like that!! That takes some serious nerves.


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