Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Totally Random and a Coffee Chat

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Have you ever wondered why they put nipples on mannequins?  Isn't the purpose of a bra (well, at least one of the purposes) to hide your nipples under your clothes?  So they build mannequins with nipples and don't put bras on them.  Yeah.  That makes perfect sense!
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Ryan Anderson (Houston Rockets) and Evan from the Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise... Similar? They remind me of each other.

Now that they are side-by-side,  I only see it a little bit.  I mean, I can tell why one reminds me of the other, but they really don't look much alike.  Facial hair?  Hair color? Hmmmm.

Today, coffee chat asks us:
Create a phrase or statement, that you carry 
with you throughout the coming year.

I've never given that much thought.  I don't have a mantra.  I guess I could take this Facebook quiz which will tell me my mantra, based on.... what?  Let's find out.
That's a pretty good mantra, I suppose.  But it's not something I would say.  I'd say something snarky like, "It is what it is."  Or "The glass isn't half empty or half full; either way, it's got the same amount of liquid in it."

Maybe my mantra should be, "Don't rock the boat," based on things that are going on in my life lately.  It could also be, "You can't be right every time."

 Or perhaps I need a Biblical mantra such as, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," or "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Oh, who knows?!  I think I'll just decide my mantra on the fly as things happen!

Have a great week!

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  1. It isn't easy coming up with a phrase, is it? Your idea, doing one on the fly when you need it, sounds about right to me.

  2. Maybe your mantra is "be flexible" or "go with it" - ha. Which you know is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe if people were a little more easy going and flexible these days, we wouldn't have so much conflict in the world.

    And I think those two men are quite similar around the nose and mouth. Then with the facial fuzz it also looks similar. It's the eyes that don't really match, but a quick look - and yeah they do.

  3. The song, "Mockingbird", by Carly Simon and James Taylor comes to mind. It is a "go with the flow" song. It sounds like you have a good attitude. You will know your mantra when you feel it.


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