Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Thirteen Storms

Welcome to my Thursday Thirteen post!  It's been raining here, or should I say storming, for two days now.  Here are some fun facts about rainstorms.

1.  In 1703, the Great Storm in England killed about 8,000 people.  It also destroyed windmills and chimneys.

2.  While earthquakes are measured with the Richter scale, storms are measure with the Beaufort scale.

3.  Rain and thunder reach the classification of storm when winds are between 55 and 63 mph.  The next category is violent storm (64-73 mph).  Winds are 74 mph are considered hurricanes.

4.  In 1974, there was a storm with a blast of cold air that froze ducks, and the frozen ducks fell from the sky onto people.  No lie!
Image Source

5.  There are about 2,000 storms happening all over the world at any given time.  (A different source said 1800.)
Source for 1-5

6.  In 1967, a hurricane in my home state of Texas spawned 115 tornadoes.

7.  Rain is good for you!  It contains vitamin B12.

8.  The scales on a pinecone will close when rain is on the way.
Source for 6-8

9.  The least rainy place on Earth is Antarctica.  It only gets 6.5 inches of rain per year.

10.  Llora, Columbia gets the most rainfall each year at 534 inches.
Image Source

11.  Two types of clouds indicate rain is on the way:  cumulonimbus, which are tall, puffy, and flat on top, and nimbostratus, which are flat, low-level, and gray.
Source for 9-11

12.  Raindrops fall at a rate of 7-18 mph but can go faster when it is windy.

13.  Doppler radar is used to measure the direction and speed of precipitation.  It is named for an Austrian physicist named J. Christopher Doppler.  He came up with the theory to explain why a whistle train sounds higher when it is approaching rather than when it is moving away.


  1. Wow, lots of good information--the Great Storm of 1703 must have been awful--I had no idea about the B12--or that rain fell so fast.


  2. Do you have to stand out in the rain with your mouth open to get the B12?

  3. I live through the blizzard of 1978 in Boston. I think they've had a worse one since then. Number 2 and 7 sound like jokes!


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