Monday, March 07, 2016

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

Hello!  How is your week going so far?
I'm linking up with Stacy for some randomness and Rory for some Coffee Chat.

This is random!  I was at a meeting sitting in my usual place with my usual colleagues, and one of them began to fold her paper, first in half, then fourths, etc.  And every time she folded it, she put it between her fingers and slid the paper from one end to the other in order to make a serious crease in it.  Let's just say this... I am NOT a paper folder.  The noise of the paper being creased is about as bad to me as the sound my fingernails make when I use them to scratch and itch, which drives my son crazy.  Or I can compare it to the noise fingernails make when scratched on the chalkboard.  It's the harshest sound!

And moving on... My son was accepted to the University from which I graduated!  I'm so excited for him.  He has only recently decided that college is what he wants.  He's been attending the community college since he graduated, but he never really put much effort because he really wasn't sure what his career goals were.  Now that he knows what he wants, he applied, and it was all his choice, including not only to attend college, but to attend this certain college.  I'm so proud and happy for him!

This is also random.  I got a paper cut today, and one of my students laughed!  She thought it was funny.  Paper cuts hurt!  During my first year of teaching, my across-the-hall neighbor got a paper cut on her eye.  Ouch!  Don't ask me how it happened, but she had to use drops and wear a patch on that eye for weeks.

And now, for coffee chat.  This week, our hostess asks us to play "Have You Ever."

So, here are the questions:
Have you ever...
1.   Got lost in an amusement park?

2.   Shared a meal with your pet.    Drive thru acceptable.

3.   Scuba dived in the ocean.

4.  Saved someone who was in danger.    

5.   Sang karaoke.  (before alcohol, 2 bonus points)

6.   Seen a pyramid.  (1 point for each step climbed)

7.    Went camping in a tent.
image credit
8.   Won a contest for a big prize.  (no, toys in Happy Meals don't count)

9.   Eaten a strange food.   Broccoli is not a strange food.

10.   Pulled a prank you were later sorry about.

11.  Went on an African Safari.

12.   Met a celebrity (TV, Movie, Music, Sports, Arts)

13.  Been on TV or the radio.

14.   Been in a fight.   

15.   Fallen asleep while talking on the phone.
Yes or No?  Answer in comments if you are so inclined.

My answers are below, and some of them might make good random topics sometime in the near future.
1. yes
2. no
3. no
4. no
5. yes
6. yes
7. yes
8. yes
image credit

9. yes
10. probably
11. no
12. yes
13. yes
14. yes
15. yes


  1. Congrats to your son. So exciting!
    And you had quite a few "yes" - that's awesome! I am dying to know what pranks everyone pulled. April 1st is coming up. LOL

  2. Oh, my, I did this differently. I wonder if I lost. I think you got a lot of points. What do we win??

  3. Hi! Just here from Coffee Chat. This was fun to play along with, wasn't it?

    Congrats to your son on figuring out what he wants to do with his life and going for it! And getting accepted into your alma mater.

    Kim (ReInVintaged) "Well, I never!"


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