Monday, March 21, 2016

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

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Monday was a long first day back to work after spring break. My spring break was book-ended by weddings.  First, a co-worker's daughter got married.  I taught 2 of her 3, so I'm glad I got to go.  And, it turns out, the owner of the venue used to live across the street from us until about 6 years ago.  And she knew one of my teacher friends from college, so it was like "old-home-week."

The second wedding was for some neighborhood friends.  Our daughters have known each other since 4th grade.  She was such a beautiful bride.  And what a gorgeous day!

In between weddings, we drove to Lake Charles, Louisiana to do some gambling.  It was fun!  Oh, except for the detour around I 10 due to the flooding of the Sabine River.  My husband, being the great mapquester he is, found us better alternate routes, better meaning faster.  The way they were saying to go on the news would have taken over two EXTRA hours.  The way we went took about half an hour longer, which is completely okay.  We loved playing slots machines, blackjack, electronic craps, and video poker.

We also went to a Rockets game, and we actually won.  I don't know what's wrong with my Rockets this year!  They'll be lucky to be in the 8th spot when playoffs start.  It was fun nonetheless, and Hakeem was there, center court.

Coffee Chat!

Our hostess asks, "What's new with you?"
The better question is, "What's new with my daughter?"  She is studying abroad and has been able to take so many trips while she's over there.  Home base is Oxford, England.  She is taking classes and earning 16 hours of college credit, but she is travelling so much.  A little mishap occurred this time, though.  She and her roommate got stuck in Spain.  The French air traffic controllers are on strike, and about 600 flights were delayed,   The airline provided hotel rooms and meals, but they lost the money they had spent on the bus to get them from London to Oxford.  They were about 30 hours late getting back, but I'm thankful they're safe.

Me?  I just can't get used to the time change... still!   I'm a night owl, and I'm just not ready for bed an hour earlier.  Luckily, this is a 4 day week since we're off Good Friday - speaking of which - Easter is so EARLY this year!  We are driving to Texas Tech to see one of our daughters over Easter weekend.

That's all for now!


  1. Yeah the Rockets are really not as good this year but they have always been one of my fave teams.

  2. You have been busy, too! Your yawning clip art made me *yawn*!

  3. The weddings sound like fun! And what a beautiful bride on a beautiful day! :)

    Good thing your hubby is a mapquest wizard - half hour is waaaaay better than 2 hours! :)

    That is so cool your daughter is studying abroad!! I wish I'd done something like that - hopefully Princess Nagger will do something like that when the time comes and I can live vicariously through her. ;) Bummer about the flight fiasco and losing their busfare... At least they're having a great experience overall! :)

    I'm with you - can't get used to the time change...wish they'd do away with it!!

    Murphy’s Law; Gilmore Girls; Fun With Teens; What’s New w/Coffee in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Way

  4. I haven't been to a wedding in years I think! The last few family ones I was not able to attend because they said no children. Which is fine, but I just couldn't get a babysitter for 2 whole days because we had to travel.
    Thank goodness your daughter and her friend were okay. That would be quite an experience at a young age.
    I am terrible at any kind of gambling! I basically just hand over $40 the moment I step through the doors. LOL

  5. How exciting for your daughter to get to do all that traveling - it's the stuff dreams are made of! I know you were so worried, though, and I'm glad to hear she and her friend are where they are supposed to be, safe and sound!

    Kim (ReInVintaged)


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