Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

Time for a Random Tuesday post with Stacy.

Last Thursday, I wrote about my sister having shingles and about getting the shingles vaccine.  Well, I did it.  And doesn't it just figure?  I would be in the group that not only has all of the "normal" side effects, but also some of the rare ones.  The injection created a square patch of bumps, sort of reddish and sort of yellowish in color about 3 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  The center was a knot.  The redness spread, without bumps, to most of the rest of my upper arm, and it was itchy.  Redness, swelling, headache, achy muscles, and joint pain.  But hopefully, it will prevent shingles and the nerve damage that sometimes comes with it.

So, my sweet mother-in-law had to go to the hospital Sunday.  She'd had a cold, and she was having trouble breathing. They were supposed to keep her overnight, but she improved quite well and was allowed to go home.  I wasn't able to visit her while she was there due to my recent shingles vaccine.  She has a weak immune systems from her previous cancer.Thankfully, she is back home now.

And to top it off, my aunt died Sunday morning.  I'm leaving town today to go to Arkansas with my husband.  It's a long drive but he doesn't mind driving too much, whereas I fall asleep at the wheel.  The road hypnotizes me.  My sister can't go  (shingles), and my mom doesn't feel like she can make that long drive up one day and back the next, but there is just no way I can NOT go.

See, my dad passed away about ten years ago.  I don't think I've really gone through all the stages of grief yet.  My aunt that just passed is the last surviving sibling, and she was always my favorite aunt and my dad's favorite sister.  I loved her so much.  She was the sweetest lady, beautiful both inside and out, and she always cared for my dad and us.  My dad's family name is completely gone now as none of his male siblings had male children, and neither did he.  And with the last sibling gone now, I just feel an emptiness.

I have always wished I lived closer to my cousins.  Both my mom and my sister are about an hour away, but my in-laws are closer.  Do you live near relatives?

And now it's time for Coffee Chat.

Our dear host at Ink Interrupted asks us ...

Do you have a personal theme song?  Have you thought about picking one each year;  much like how blogs choose One Word?  

I've thought about having a "theme song" before, but I can never settle on one song.  So, I used this link that our hostess posted, and here is my result:


  1. Ha - so much disco!! What is with all the disco in that link??! LOL

    On a serious note, I am so sorry for your loss. And I don't think anyone ever really does get over the loss of a parent. It's often the most important relationship in our lives, next to our spouse should we marry. Safe travels to you and dancing days ahead I hope. :)

  2. Ohhhh shingles is so not fun - the hubby got them a few years ago, and still deals with the nerve damage on the side of his head. Some days the tingling drives him crazy! Smart getting the vaccine (aside from the horrid side effects you ended up with) as long term at least you'll hopefully be safe from getting the full on shingles madness!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. ((HUGZ!))


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