Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

Easter Sunday is around the corner.  I don't make baskets for my kids anymore.  They're all grown, or at least, almost grown.  I still get them a chocolate bunny or something similar though.  These are things I wouldn't mind getting in MY Easter basket!

1.  Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

2.  Strawberry Creme-filled Eggs.
3,  A Russell Stover's solid chocolate bunny.
4.  Money.
5.  Bubble bath.

6.  Coca-Cola.
7.  A certificate for maid service.
8.  A certificate for a massage or facial.
9.  Books.

10. A bottle of Barefoot Moscato wine.
11. A restaurant gift card.
12. A movie theater gift card.

13. Houston Rockets tickets.

I don't ask for much, right?  Have a safe, happy, and blessed Easter!
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  1. don't do gifts at all maybe flowers

  2. Can't go wrong with books, chocolate and gift cards. ,-)

  3. I would love a certificate for maid service!


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