Monday, April 27, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

Time for some random Tuesday thoughts with Stacy Uncorked.

I finally caught up on my email.  I look at it every day, but I don’t necessarily open them every day. They sit there for a few days, a week, and I end up deleting most of them.  I get so much advertising!  Some of it is from merchants I actually want to communicate with, but a lot of it is just junk.  I wonder where they got my email.  I unsubscribe, but it doesn't seem to stop the emails.  

I've had more "walking" dreams in the last week.  I'm walking and/or running down the same streets, and I never actually get where I'm going.  I wake up so tired.

Sad news... Buddha, our magic Betta, finally went to that big fishbowl in the sky.  We've had him four years, and they usually don't sell them until they're a year old when their colors and fins are fully developed, so I guess he was five.  We called him magic because we only expected him to live about a year.  But every time I went to feed him or change his water, there he was, swimming around his little pineapple under the sea.

And now... Time Out for... Coffee Chat with Time Out for Mom

“Finish the Sentence:  Right now is the perfect time to _________.” 

It is the perfect time of year to do some spring cleaning.  Take down the curtains and wash them (maybe even iron them).  Wash the windows.  Have hubby do some tending to the house and yard outside.  Time to clean out the closets, catch up on filing, purge all items that are no longer useful or necessary, and maybe add or change a few items on the walls.  Will I get all this done?  Maybe.  Probably not.  Maybe!  


  1. You're way ahead of me on the email mode - I keep procrastinating on clearing out my inbox - and since I have 5 different email accounts, it's a little overwhelming, hence the procrastination mode. ;) But spring cleaning? I've gotten started on that, and am loving the 'refreshing' going on around here.

    So sorry about Buddha - 4 years!! I'm pretty sure any of the previous Betta's we've had only lasted no more than a year. Buddha was obviously happy and well cared for. ;)

    Frogs and Chickens and Wine, oh my! Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel with Coffee

  2. My spring has been more about updating my wardrobe and cleaning out the closet. have a great day!

  3. My spring has been more about updating my wardrobe and cleaning out the closet. have a great day!

  4. fare thee well little fishie! :(

    I did my spring cleaning all last week too -- maybe that's why my post was about being still! LOL

    I still have more to do though. it wasn't warm enough here to do the windows. but closets are at least cleaned out. where does all that stuff come from?

  5. Yes...spring cleaning. I am doing that is more than one way.
    Sorry about your magic betta. I love those!


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