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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Confessions

I'm linking up with High-Heeled Love for Friday Confessions.

I confess...
Forgive me; I have erred.  It's been 9 days since my last post!

I confess...
I was actually thinking of taking a sick day on Monday, then I realized, Monday is a holiday for me!  Duh!  We are off all week.

I confess...
I am looking forward to seeing daughters who have been away at college.  Can't wait to see their beautiful faces!

I confess...
I don't know what to do with a new set of Bath & Body Works (bath gel, lotion, body spray) that I have used twice.  I liked the fragrance in the store, but I've used it twice, and I don't dislike it, but I'm just not crazy about it.  Did I use too much of it to regift it to someone?  Maybe.  Or do I just use it even though it's just "okay" and not "delightful" to me?

I confess...
I don't like when people vaguebook.  You know what I'm talking about:  Cryptic comments such as, "I can't believe this is happening," or "I really need some prayers but I can't talk about it."  That type of thing where people want your attention, but they won't tell why.  Does that bother anyone else?

I confess...
No one in my family is cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year.  Several members of the family will be out of town, so I think we're just going to go out to eat, if anything is open.  If not, we may end up eating soup and sandwiches!

I confess...
November has FLOWN by!  I have one more day of work, and when I return, it will be December 1st.  How did that happen?  Have a good weekend!

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