Wednesday, September 10, 2014

13 Facebook Observations

With school starting a few weeks ago and three of our kids starting college, I haven't had much time to  blog.  But that's all changing starting... now.  I have been on Facebook quite a bit in the meantime. It's easy to get to it from my phone whereas the blogs are easier on the laptop.  In this time, though, I have made some observations about things I do and don't like on Facebook.

These things really get on my nerves!

1. Pictures of people’s feet and toes with the pool or beach in the background.
2. Posts that brag about how great their fiancé/boyfriend/husband is. Once in a while is okay, but every day? Multiple times a day? One is my friends is sooo guilty of this!  (Here's a sample)

September 1 near (city, state)
 If I wasn't sure before I AM now! I'm sooooooo marrying this guy!!!! Just fixed me the most amazing super cheesy grilled cheese & tomato soup, just the way I like it. And never even asked me -with (fiance's name)

3. People that “check in” to EVERY SINGLE PLACE they go. So-and-so is at “Clinic” getting a shot. Now she is at “Dentist” getting teeth cleaned. Now she is at “store” buying tomatoes. Now she is at “store” picking up digital photos. Now she is at “restaurant” eating Greek salad. Now she is at … all. Day. Long. Every. Single. Place. Until she is finally “home” snuggling with fiancé/boyfriend/husband.
4. Morning selfie! Afternoon selfie! Going out at night selfie! Of course, darling, you are gorgeous!
5.  Advertisements.
6. Pictures of people’s radio stations. I don’t care what you’re listening to! Does anyone?

Posts I’m not Tired of!
7.  Cat and kitten pictures!

8.  Posts about general topics or trivia. I don’t want to know when you last went to the bathroom!
9.  Sports and news updates.
10.  Posts about people’s kids… where does the time go?
11.   Vacation updates/photos.
12.  Recipes
13.  Throwback Thursday posts.  This is a friend who graduated the same year I did.  Memories!

Always end with the positive!  I'm linking up with Thursday Thirteen, although I haven't seen much activity there for over a month.


  1. LOL I think I might be guilty of one of these.

  2. I must agree with point number 1-6 >.<

  3. I have wondered about those pictures of feet myself.

    Thursday 13 seems to be a shadow of its former self over the summer. Hopefully it will pick back up now that folks are winding down summer activities.

  4. Grin. I think we all get a little lazy in summer. I'm guessing our postings will improve now that fall's here.

  5. So many good reasons why I'm not on FB! Mine: Late Bloomers


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