Sunday, July 20, 2014

Experience Mission

Saturday, 4 AM, wake up in the dark to take my darling daughter, who just turned 18, to the airport.  She would be flying first to Atlanta, then on to Jamaica, with a team of 16 other church members, predominately youth, to do mission work.

She was nervous.  New experience.  No family with her.  Foreign country.  Unsure exactly what work they will be asked to do.  Afraid she forgot something (they have to take work tools as well as personal supplies and work clothes).  Eating meals consisting of foods she may never had heard of.  But I know she will do great mission work!  It's in her heart.

Catadupa, Jamaica is a rural mountain village about 19 miles from Montego Bay, but worlds apart in appearance and culture.  Some of the things mission groups have done in the past include planting gardens, building structures, painting, ministry and worship, as well as working with the kids of the community.

Last year, one of the tasks they tackled was laying a new foundation for a family home that had burned down.  They will be assigned to do whatever is necessary on this trip.  Each night, they spread the word of God and worship with the community.  She is very excited about working with the kids.

I am so proud of my daughter.  She raised the necessary funds by herself, and when she is determined, she can accomplish anything.  I know this experience is going to change her life.
Please join me in praying for her team.
Catadupa photos courtesy of Experience Mission.


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