Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Cat Story

1.  My cat, Lacy, is supposed to be an indoor kitty.  My husband, however, likes to let her out in the back yard, usually in the morning.
2.  He leaves the door cracked so she can come in when she is ready.
3.  Sometimes he leaves for work before she comes in.  That is when things get interesting.
4.  One day, she had a locust in her mouth, and it was buzzing loudly.  She was so scared of the buzzing, and I don't think she knew the buzzing was in her mouth. We were laughing so hard.  Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs,, behind the couch, etc.  She finally and dropped it.
5.  One evening, I heard a strange meow which means she has something in her mouth.  Then I heard a squeaking.  Mice really do squeak!  It was a baby mouse, and she had injured it, I think.  She still ran upstairs with it, so I tried to sweep it into the dustpan to get it outside, but I think it died.
6.  Another thing she brought in was a snake.  I have no idea what kind or whether or not it was alive because I hate snakes!  When I heard her weird meow and peeked to see what she had, I ran! Thank goodness my husband was here to deal with that one!
7.  A few days ago, I heard that strange meowing again.  This time it was a lizard.  A big, fat, black lizard, definitely not your garden-variety green lizard.
8.  I dislike lizards almost as much snakes.  No one was here to help me!  I got a trashcan and trapped it before I realized he could probably slide out from under it.  So, the nearest heavy item was our scale.  I held a side of the scale up right in front of the trashcan, lifted the side of the can nearest to the scale, and dropped it on him.
9.  Turns out it was trapped, not smashed as I had hoped.  But I had to stay out the bathroom all day and keep the kitty away because she wanted to play with it, until my husband came home and took it out.
10.  Today, my daughter and I were sitting on the couch, and the cat was behind the loveseat (which is open - not in front of a wall), and we kept hearing a clicking noise.  It sounded like the cat was playing with the wildlife again.
11.  This was just a bug, although I have no idea what kind... black, about an inch long.  When I tried to step on it, it jumped about a foot off the floor.  When it landed, it made the clicking noise my daughter and I had heard before we knew what it was.   Never saw one like it before!
12.  It must have had a hard shell that made the noise when it jumped and landed on the wood floors.
13.  It took me three times, but I was finally able to make contact and flush it!
And that's my cat story, and I'm sticking to it! In spite of all this, I love her!

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  1. My Beloved Sandra and I have no pets, would find it difficult to share our lives with a cat (or dog), but would find it doubly so if said cat kept trotting inside carrying other, even more icky, varmints in its mouth.

  2. my cat makes that same yowling I've caught it sound

  3. LOL -- that's quite a hunter you have. My T13: An (Un)guided Walk

  4. A good reason not to have a cat!


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