Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's Come and Gone

Graduation was Thursday night.  The graduation party was yesterday.  I survived.  I've managed not to cry (just teary) by staying busy.  Now that the whirlwind is over, it will probably hit me that my babies are high school graduates.  They will be 18 soon, also.  Will my role as "mom" change?  Probably.  I guess I knew when they were born that this would eventually happen, but there is nothing like actually experiencing it.  And it goes by so fast!  Everyone says that, but it's just TRUE!  It's also true that moms worry - about EVERYTHING!  I think of all the possibilities, things that COULD HAVE happened and didn't, and for that, I am thankful.  Blessed.  Amazed.  Proud.

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  1. Congratulations Mom! Yes, the worrying will never stop but the relationship is different.


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