Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

Do you ever get the after-Christmas blues?  I usually do.  That blue feeling sets in Christmas afternoon.  I feel let down.  Not because I didn't enjoy Christmas, but probably because it's over.  BUT... this year... NO BLUES!  I feel great!

I had to work through Friday the 21st, which for teachers, is pretty late.  That meant I only had 3 days to prepare for Christmas after getting out of school.  I didn't have all my shopping done, either, which is rare.  I still had one gift and a couple of gift cards to buy, so it wasn't bad.  But I definitely avoided the mall!  I don't like the mall, in case I've never mentioned it before, particularly when it's crowded.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my brother-in-law's for dinner.  It was nice.  Christmas morning, I got up early - not to put presents and stockings out, which I had actually done about 1:30 AM - but to feed the goat!  The goat lives at the district barn which is about a 12 miles round trip.  Not bad.  But it was early.  Merry Christmas, son!  That is your best gift, right?

Can you spot the special "present" under the tree?  When I got home, I woke everyone up.  We opened our presents then got ready to go to my mother-and-father-in-law's house for the annual Christmas breakfast.  We stayed there a couple of hours, then I came home and cooked.  We didn't have the traditional Christmas dinner this year, either.  Neither my mom or my husband particularly like ham or turkey, so we had a Mexican feast including homemade beef and cheese enchiladas, my special recipe charro beans, refried beans, Mexican rice, queso blanco (hot and mild), and guacamole.  Plus tons of desserts!  I'll have to tell you about the oreo balls later!

My sister and her family and my mom came over.  We had a delicious lunch then opened presents and visited for a while.  Then we took my mom to the barn to meet the goat.  Have you met Kuzco?  By the time I got home, it was dinner time,  but I just needed to sit and chill for a while.  Finally, when I got hungry, I had some of the best chicken and dumplings made especially for me from scratch by my mom.  I took a long, hot bath with my new bath stuff from Bath Junkie and read my book for a long time.

The blues didn't have time to set in!  And I couldn't be happier about that.  What a great holiday!
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  1. I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love the special gift under the tree. It brought a big smile to my face.

  2. so happy you had a great Christmas


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