Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to take a minute to say how grateful I am to have this blog as a creative outlet, and to say thank you to those of you who check in with me.  I hope you're enjoying a Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of comfort food, family, friends, and football!

And just wondering... is anyone doing any black Friday shopping?  I mean, at a real store?  I'm sticking to the Internet this year.  I don't plan on buying any electronics, which is where the really good deals seem to be, and I know there will be sales from now until Christmas, and I don't feel like fighting the crowds.  There was a crazy 18 year old girl who started camping out at our local Best Buy on Tuesday afternoon.  She's still there!  I think she'll have been there 60 hours by the time they open.

I'm spending the day with my mom. Thankful she's still around, though there were a couple of times in the past few years we thought we were going to lose her.  Missing my dad, as usual, but thankful I got to spend time here on Earth with him.  Can't wait to see him again in Heaven!  I wonder if people ever really "get over" the loss of a parent, particularly when it's completely unexpected.  I would dare say they don't.  But, focusing on my many blessings:  health, happiness, family (husband, kids, mom, sister and her family, in-laws, etc.), God's grace and love, a home, food to eat, a job, freedom, and so many more things to be thankful for! 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Enjoy your day with Mom! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mickie!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Diana! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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