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Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Confessional

Link up with Mamarazzi and share your secrets!  You'll feel better afterwards.

I confess:

All day Thursday, I was thinking I had missed Friday Confessional.  I guess I thought it was Friday, so all day I kept thinking, maybe I'm too late to post, or maybe I'll just post late anyway.  Ha!  Laugh's on me! 

I confess:

I have been so lazy this summer.  I'm a night owl by nature, so I've been staying up late and sleeping in late.  To top it off, most days, I also take a nap!

I confess...

The worst thing about my messed up sleeping habits is that today, I have to be up at 6:20 AM to take my daughter to practice, and all next week, but I still can't fall asleep at a normal time.  We've been carpooling, and my job was to pick up in the afternoon, but her ride is going out of town.

I confess...

I'm nervous about my son starting driving school in about ten days.  Eek!

And I confess...

I haven't been able to completely catch up with blogs since we came back from New York.  I don't think anyone is reading my blog, either.  I really need to get back into my routine!


  1. Well I just read it on my google reader...I too have the sleeping issues...later in life these things happen. It's not always about laziness...more about horriblemoans!! At least that's what I call them because they wreak havoc on your body!! Lately my pattern is to have a nap in the evening.... awake at midnight...yeah you just imagine the rest!! Just enjoy what you can of the summer!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I am an unwilling early bird. If I don't get up, no one gets up. It no fun being the alarm clock for the family.

  3. I enjoy naps...and yes someone is reading your blogs. LOL

  4. i confess that once i cheated. then i realize it's not right and not okay. so i quit.


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