Sunday, October 31, 2010

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? Of course you have! The kind of day that makes you believe in Murphy's Law. Well, maybe it hasn't been quite THAT bad, but really? What a lousy day today was!

I had planned all week to go to the movies today with two friends. When I woke up, I had texts from both of them saying they couldn't go. So, I started doing chores and didn't even look at my phone for a few hours. It was on silent, so I didn't hear when a new text came in. When I finally looked at it, there was a text from one of them saying she could go after all, but by the time I looked at my phone, the movie was actually starting. Such stupid luck! So one of my friends got to see it, but I didn't, and I'm the one who planned it in the first place.

And the hubz drank a little (read: a lot) too much at the martini party last night (which was so much fun). But he knocked over some water because he had drunk too much. And it ruined my son's Sony camera, the one he bought with his own money. Hubz will replace it, but stilll... Just one of those "thangs."

Hubz didn't listen when I told him of my plans for today, and he didn't tell me his plans, so I had to do the grocery shopping alone, which I hate, and we ended up not being able to have dinner together.

And I had to be the homework police since both my kids had homework (yes over Halloween weekend).

And I tried to order KFC for dinner, but they only had original recipe, which I don't like, so I had to make a sandwich for dinner. So glad tomorrow's a new day, a new month!

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