Monday, October 05, 2009

Give Me Five Monday

This week, Becca asks us to give her 5 things we would do if money were no object. This could be fun! Check out more Give Me 5 over at Becca's Buzz.

If money were no object...

1. I'd quit my job!

2. I'd buy my dream house - a big house with a room for everyone, a bathroom for everyone, a play room, a game room, a TV room, a dining room, a study, a library, a celebration room, well, you get the picture!

3. I would make sure my mom would have a nice place and company and nurses or whatever she needs to live out the rest of her life, which I hope will be a long time.

4. No one would every go to bed hungry again.

5. I would sponsor missions as I could, missions like the one my church sponsors in Malawi, Africa. They do such wonderful things there with education, medicine, as well as spreading God's love.

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  1. Wonderful ways to live if money were no object!

  2. You know, this is bad...but I hadn't even added supporting missions to my list! Of course, it's hard to pick just 5 :) Great list!!


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