Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mind Your P's and Q's!

When you're blogging, how careful are you about what you say? Do you sometimes withhold your truly honest opinion so that you don't alienate a reader? Are there certain topics you avoid because they generate too much controversy? Do you cite your sources? Does anyone include a disclaimer stating that your blog is strictly your opinion, not fact? If not, this story from today's Houston Chronicle might make you change your style.

A blogger right here in my hometown spent the Memorial Day weekend in jail on charges of contempt of court. She was ordered to turn over a computer but failed to do so, stating it was stolen shortly after the judge ordered the computer to be used as evidence in a case of defamation and conspiracy against her and others. The original suit was brought by Virgie Arthur, Anna Nichole Smith's mother, who quite possibly might take custody of Anna Nichole's daughter and her 88 million dollars.

The blogger in question says that she was just stating her opinion about Anna Nichole Smith and her family, and now she's facing defamation charges and did not turn over the computer in question. She is accused of writing her opinion as though it were fact. Apparently, what she said might sway a judge or jury in their ruling on Dannielynn's custody. There is definitely a lot at stake, and I would never presume to judge who's right or who's not.

In any case, though, does this mean that anyone can sue a blogger if they don't like that blogger's opinion? If so, that's a bit scary. Luckily, I usually don't write about anything controversial, political, or anything you might consider a hot topic, but still... does this concern any of you other bloggers at all? I'd like to know your opinion!

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  1. Gee whiz, that's kinda scary! I don't post hot topics and now I'll be even more leery to do so.

  2. wow that is scary Diane! I usually am like u and don't voice my opinions BUT sometimes I slip and have a very big mouth! thanks for the warning! xox

  3. I'm like you I stay away from the political and controversial. I try to keep it up beat and positive for me as well as my readers. I always site my original sources too. I leave the rest of it to those that are better versed in the dark side of the world.

  4. thanks for sharing. I always avoid it by focusing writing about my own life. but who knows it still might some one?
    I'll be more careful...

  5. This is scary, but it seems we do have a voice. I often see my posts on the first page of a google search. Therefore we must have some kind of credence. I edit myself pretty carefully. I'm opinionated by nature but can often be swayed by a good argument. So I prefer not to have things written in stone (on a blog in a google search)! For the most part I try to be accurate, and honest in all my postings. Some things need to be kept private. I am rather shocked at how much people put out there on twitter and facebook. I think it could easily bite you in the ass. Plus I like to put positive out into the universe. That may sound drippy but I think what you put out, comes back in. At least for me it does! Great post, lots of food for thought!

    Hugs Giggles


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