Thursday, August 23, 2007


No. Not the kind you put in your picture slideshows; the kind that take an emotional toll. My "babies" are going to Intermediate School this year. (middle school, junior high, whatever your part of the world calls it) I've been a middle school teacher for 19 years. Yes, 19. My babies can't be going into sixth grade! They're not ready! More important, I'm not ready! Yes, they could come to school with me, but they are going to to to the school we are zoned to, which is not mine. I struggled with the decision for several months. My daughter is the shy type, and she knows no one at my school. At this school, she has friends from 4th and 5th grade who are in her classes (as well as new people to meet). My son would rather be with his friends, too, but I don't worry about him making new ones. They will have to adjust to having 7 different classes, 7 different teachers, lockers, crowded lunchrooms, more freedom, more responsibility, and so on. They just don't seem mature enough to be going into intermediate school, from both their mom's point of view, and when I wear my "teacher hat." It's going to be a ride, for sure!

The younger step-daughter is going into high school. Since I work for the district, we also struggled with the decision about which high school to send her to, the one we are zoned to, or the one that is actually a little closer, and better academically. We chose the one that is better academically. Her sister went there. Her father and uncles went there, too. One problem is transportation. No bus service. Dad will have to take her. Grandparents will pick her up. I think it's an imposition. She'd have bus service to the school we're zoned for. She'll also have to deal with kids who come from "richer" homes with their Abercrombie and Fitch, BMW's, iphones, and so on. I have nothing against all of those things. We just can't afford to buy them for our daughters. There's more social pressure. She's got common sense, though. But HIGH SCHOOL! So different from intermediate. She's getting more "teenager-ish" if you know what I mean.

And the oldest step-daughter is going off to college. I almost cried talking to her about it tonight. She has a lot of freedom already. She sometimes makes poor choice, but something makes good ones. Academically, she'll do fine. I think she's ready mentally, as well. But, she can be extremely lazy sometimes and is definitely a procrastinator, so I worry in that regard. But high school to college is a huge transition. She is a bit nervous. She's going to do fine, but will we? It's hard to let go. Not that I every had hold.

And the oldest one who turned 27 yesterday. He and his wife are expecting identical twin boys, due in December or January. Is he ready? He better be! Now parenthood... there's a transition!

And my transition from summer to school is always a bit difficult, but I'll manage. I'm glad to get all this off my chest. If you read this far, you're a gem!

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