Sunday, August 05, 2007

Decisions, Decisions!

My first instinct, in response to the topic of "Decisions" on Sunday Scribblings, is that I don't like to make decisions. But that is ironic because I like to be in charge. I guess it really depends on the situation.

For example, a big decision such as whether or not I am going to buy a new car is usually pretty simple, likely because big decisions such as that do not happen every day. It's the little decisions that are sometimes difficult for me. What am I going to wear today? What movie do I want to see? At what restaurant shall we dine tonight?

Shopping! Clothes shopping, in particular, is difficult. Do I really want to pay $50 for this item? Do I really want this shirt, or am I just buying it because it's a really great sale? Do these pants make me look fatter? (On an aside, of course they do! If you have to ask, put them back!)

I make decisions for others much more easily than I make them for myself. I decide what I will allow my children to eat, what they can watch on TV, whether or not they can have friends over at a certain time, and so on. I guess it is easier to dictate to others than it is to decide for myself. I make decisions in my job every day, most of them quite simple choices.

Why is it so hard to decide things for myself? Is it laziness? Is it fear of rejection of some sort? Is it worry that I will do something wrong or make a bad decision? I can't decide!


  1. I got a bunch of Lands End polo shirts monogrammed w/ my school's initials and have been wearing them like a uniform all summmer long...

    let's hear it for taking decisions out of the mix!

    Hey, don't I still owe you a doorprize for your winning guess of my hometown? Send an email w/ your snailmail addres to me at shelleyq (at) so I can send it!

  2. Deciding is hard when we have too many options. In dire straights, decision becomes simple.


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