Friday, April 06, 2007

In the News (for Sunday Scribblings)

What is news?
It’s the 10:00 BAD news!
Late breaking news,
Public interest?
Once I was an avid news-watcher…
I want to be aware of my world…
There is no such thing as news without a slant…
Entertainment news? An oxymoron, and moronic at that!
Since when are entertainers qualified to make world-changing judgments and decisions?
Just the facts, ma’am.
I long for a simpler world,
When news was reported not sold.
TV news… it’s about the ratings.
News – what happened?
There are no more details at this time.
What happened in your city or town today?
Anything good?
Check out the weather and traffic.
Tunnel-vision news,
Take a story and run with it,
Run it in the ground!
Noteworthy or newsworthy?
Current events,
Who lives, who dies?
Who tries?
Who’s being tried?
I am tired.
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  1. Yes, I agree that much of the entertainment news is moronic. An interesting read! :-)

  2. Wow....another person that I can identify with this week. Your sentiments echoed my post...but with fewer words. I doff my chapeau to your brevity.

  3. a wonderful little poem. reliable? seriously; that is what I miss the most.

  4. You could start a movement with that acroynm.

  5. Now that what I call one good post. It saidit all in few words.

    Papa's little girl

  6. Woo! You said a mouthful! Whatever happened to the good ole days of Edward R. Murrow?!

  7. Bravo!

    What happened to the guys like Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley that we grew up with? My friend called me one day shortly after Katie Couric took over the news. She couldn't believe that she reported the news SITTING on the desk. She turned it off and has never turned it back on. I'm with her.

    Mine is posted.

  8. Thanks everyone! I've read most of yours, and I'm off to read the rest. I think I WILL start something with the acronym Noteworty Events Without Sensationalism! It could be a new revolution in reporting... But, being so different from the "news" we have now, no one would probably read it. We're desensitized to suffering, we crave what's hot now, and we are voyeurs, let's face it. Ahhh. The simple life is gone. I miss it so.

  9. Nice, you really do cover all the problems of news. I wish all news could truly be "Noteworthy Events Without Sensationalism."

  10. Excellent.

    Much better than mine :)

  11. Great poem. A couple years ago, I wrote one about the newspapers. It's so true though! They really don't post "news". It's just the band or whatever will boost ratings. It's insane.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  12. After working as a 911 dispatcher for five years, my husband and I both had to quit because of the stress. When we came to work from home, we got rid of the television. No more bad news! I hated even hearing about car accidents and the downturn of the economy. I was sick and tired of the slant that the news has and the junk they consider news these days! I love your poem, and I totally agree with it. Thanks for this post!


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