Tuesday, December 27, 2005

lost and found

I am truly the forgetfulone! The thing is, though, I almost always find what I've lost. I lost some gift cards. Found them the next day. Lost $20, found it the next day.

And my lost husband may be found after all. Tonight at dinner, he told me he wants to completely quit drinking. Long ago he used to have quite a problem with drinking, but he doesn't drink often anymore, maybe once a week. It's just that when he does drink, he tends to drink too much. Luckily, he's at home, not at a bar. He says the desire to drink is gone now. It's just a habit. And he even wants to join the recovery group at my church. He is such a private person that I never expected him to make that kind of decision without being asked to do it! So, I am in awe of the prayers that have been answered through this. Trust me... that is a HUGE step for him, to be willing to open up to other people, especially people he doesn't know, and become part of a group. It's just awesome. I had mentioned the group briefly in passing just to let him know that there are other "normal" people at my church who have suffered with addictions of one kind of another, that not everyone who goes to church is perfect. In fact, none are, and this church is open about that as far as admitting our mistakes. He remembered that I had mentioned a personal story about one member, and he wants to talk to him. We have been praying at church that God would touch his heart. We are one step closer to that prayer being answered! I'm so excited!

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  1. It's all about prayer and the patience that comes with it. Keep praying. Be patient. All will be well in HIS time. God Bless!


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