Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here I am again

Everyone else is in bed or asleep. I'm sitting here at the computer like I do almost every night. It's MY time. I have very little of that these days. But that's okay. We had a house of six people, and now it's seven, since the "jumbo" one has moved back in due to mismanagement of funds! Just kidding, sort of. He's 25, and he hasn't completely gotten basic money management 101 skills yet, but he's working on it. I'm sure he's not happy to be living here after having his own place for quite a while. Actually, though, we rarely see him. He works at the hospital (nursing), so he has long hours, rarely gets a day off, and tries to see one of his two girlfriends when he can, or play golf, play poker, or whatever he does. How he can manage on so very little sleep, I can't understand. But I guess I could, too, when I was 25!

Which brings me to being 40. Wow. I once thought 40 was old. Now I KNOW it is. LOL! Seriously, it's not so bad except for the forgetfulness (yesterday's post), but I guess I can't blame that on being 40 since it's been happening for a while.

Did you know I'm not teaching full time this year? I'm only subbing, and I love it. I do mostly 4th and 5th grades, but I've done middle school and high school, and I especially like working with ESL kids, and last week I actually did a kindergarten class! WoW! That was something. I couldn't do that full time. But it was at a school I really like going to, so I couldn't say no. I really developed a bond with one student who seems to have a difficult time in school. I saw him in the hall Monday, and he was so excited to see me again. It's sweet. I guess all kids need to have someone who doesn't judge them or control them in some way.

I did something today that I used to hate for parents to do. I got my kids out of school early, and I even went to get the middle schooler, and ... I... took them to a movie! I'm such a bad mom! Not really, I guess. The 4th graders have been doing benchmark testing for three days, and all they missed today was music, and I figured they needed a treat and a break. I picked a terrible day to be in and out of the car and driving, though. It was raining buckets, and the streets were flooded. We were wet to the bone!

Good night all. I have so much more to say, but I will cut myself off at this point.

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