Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just wondering

Have you ever gotten out of the shower then wondered if you washed your hair while you were in there? Maybe I should be embarrassed, but sometimes I forget! If I don't follow my exact routine, do this first, this second, and so on, then I leave something out! No creativity or spontaneity here! There's too much else to remember.

I did some Christmas shopping today. I am almost finished. Since I started off about forgetting, and now I'm talking about shopping, these two go together. I purchased some gift cards and they were delivered to me at church today. I set them down with my other things to take some toys and packages to the car, and then I forgot all about them. I drove home, and it wasn't until then that I remembered. I had to go back, and luckily, a friend had picked them up for me. There would have gone $100 quick bucks!

Forgetfulone signing off for now.

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