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Sunday Synopsis-Cozy Mystery

Raspberries and Retaliation (Sweet Baked Mystery Book 5)Raspberries and Retaliation by Katherine Hayton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Holly is back in Hamner Springs helping her sister run the family bakery. Now that I'm into the 4rh book, it seems unnecessary to include why she's back and where she's been. Anyway, Holly and Aiden are on a walk when they discover a dead body. Aiden is taken in for questioning because he knew the deceased.

She was part of a family who are gathered near town for a family reunion. Her boyfriend disappears, so he is a suspect as well as Aiden. Then, another murder occurs. Who could have done this?

Holly will get to the truth with the help of her friends, but maybe without her sister. They have a huge falling out. I'm happy to say that by the end of the book, they will have made up. (spoiler) The mystery does get solved, so the reader can be comfortable in the conclusion, and it may surprise the reader to find out who it is.

I didn't like this plot line as well as the other three. I didn't think there was as much suspense about the murder. On the other hand, this was an easy and fun book to read. It is also free from swearing and cliffhangers, as promised by the author. A definite cozy mystery.

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