Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Senior Care and Assisted Living


Watching a parent decline so much that they need assisted living, or in my case, memory care, is difficult enough without having to worry about which place would be best.  You can benefit from my four years' experience and countless hours of research by using a checklist checklist for phone calls and visits.  This may help you make a critical decision in the life of your loved one and will help take at least one item off your caregiver to-do list. I hope you find the best place for your family member.

And if you like this, you might also like the medical information plannermedical information planner were you can keep track of yours or your family member's needs such as doctors, conditions, blood pressure, blood sugar, surgeries, medications, and more.

I hope these will help in your journey.

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  1. Once payday hits, I'll hunt up my almost never used Etsy account and get both, they look great.


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