Monday, November 27, 2023

To Pot Luck or Not to Pot Luck

I hope your Thanksgiving was good!  Did you cook the entire meal?  Or did each person bring something?  I cooked chicken and dumplings for lunch, then our cousin cooked dinner: turkey with all the fixings.  It was ah-mazing!  No pot luck this year.

 I used to enjoy pot luck lunches and dinners.  I loved eating new dishes and trying all the different ways people can make potatoes or macaroni, and don't get me started on the variety of desserts!

But... I thought too hard about it.  I thought, "What if people play with their dogs who just rolled in the grass then don't wash their hands before they prepare the food?"  It happens!

And, "What if they let their cat on the kitchen counter to lick the bowl, or feed their sweet kitty pet food out of the same dish they are using to prepare the food without running it through the dishwasher first?"  It could happen.

Or, "What if they have roaches, ants, or other critters around the food preparation area?"  I shudder to think!

So, I will still eat pot luck if I actually KNOW the people providing food, but thankfully, I don't have to eat any more pot lucks at work, not that anyone ever forced me!  That big buffet of pot luck dishes is mighty tempting.  I'd have a hard time saying no despite my excessive thinking!  How about you?

And last, but not least.

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  1. Mom has never liked pot luck because she is a picky eater but she has never worried about all the things you mentioned. Now that she has chosen to not eat most foods, no sugar, salt, meat, dairy, processed foods, etc, she rarely eats anything or anywhere but home. We made Thanksgiving dinner and she had some things she made for just her to eat. Food can be a weird thing.

  2. LOL yes! I would always be super careful with cleanliness (and am obsessed with it when cooking anyway). After watching the recent season of Big Brother 25, and seeing how one of the houseguests cooked and used her hands when mixing macaroni salad and other dishes, I am even more worried and aware of what someone may have done with their dish at potlucks. Now retired, potlucks at parties and community events have replaced the office potluck. Can't get away from them!

  3. I've never thought about this before. Goodness. No more potlucks for me. I get it. I did laugh at your graphics though. The rice pudding in the kitty litter container made me cringe. Yuk.

    We had meatloaf, potatoes and gravy and white corn for Thanksgiving and we fixed every dish. It was delicious.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥


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