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Sunday Synopsis - Sweet Baked Mystery #4


Pumpkin Spice and Poisoning (Sweet Baked Mystery Book 4)Pumpkin Spice and Poisoning by Katherine Hayton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a cute, cozy mystery to read following a very intense true crime book I had read just before this one. Pumpkin Spice and Poisoning is the 4th book in the Sweet Baked Mystery series.

The Waterston sisters own a bakery in the small tourist town of Hamner Springs. Holly is looking into moving the bakery to a busier part of town. She wants to talk to the man next door to the new place (Chef Zack), but he is less than friendly. In fact, he is seen arguing with tourists shortly before the incident happens. She also wants to know why the previous tenant skipped out on his lease in the middle of the night.

Before she can speak to Zack, her sister Crystal is sampling a new soup at his restaurant and is one of several people who are poisoned. The police blame it on Holly's cupcakes so she finds herself in the crosshairs of a police investigation. Was it Crystal and Holly who provided the poison, or angry chef Zack? Maybe it's the crazy landlady who keeps raising the rent, the German tourists seen arguing with Zack, or the mysterious figure who is frequently seen lurking the restaurant? You'll find out!

And you'll find out with no swearing, no gore, no graphic scenes, and no cliffhangers!

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