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Sunday Synopsis - Verity

VerityVerity by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

How in the world this was nominated for best romance in 2019, I will never understand. First of all, it isn't really a romance book, although there were plenty of sexual encounters in ultra-graphic detail. It is by far more a mystery than a romance.

The main character, Lowen, is an author who is asked to complete a series of book that were started by Verity Crawford, a well-known author. How she becomes the choice to finish the series does not make sense. She is a broke, little-known author. Verity cannot finish writing the books because she has been in a car accident and is unable to sit, stand, or talk, much less write a novel.

Lowen finds herself attracted to Verity's husband Jeremy and constantly compares herself to Verity. While staying at the couple's home so she can familiarize herself with the writing style and actions of the books she is expected to write, Lowen finds a manuscript of Verity's autobiography that reveals many disturbing details. The reader doesn't really know whether to believe Lowen, the manuscript, Jeremy, or none of the above.

Some of the topics covered in this book include infanticide, child murder, child abuse, abortion, and graphic sex (to the point of being vulgar). It was unnecessarily vulgar when it didn't require such details and was so far from anything I've ever experienced in real life that I could not relate to it.

Many people love Colleen Hoover's writing, but I am not one of them. There are two other books by this author that were recommended to me, but if they are anything like Verity, I wll skip them. I couldn't wait for this book to be over.

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  1. It sounds like a book i would have put down and not finished. The fact is, if a book is that bad, i'm too old to waste what's left of my life reading it.

    I hope all of your medical stuff is going well, and your family is well.

  2. I don't read books like that. I love lighter reading but I also love biographies and have shed many tears over true stories from WWII and other war stories. My late uncle read all the classics and he gave me a passion for them. But my late aunt was just the opposite, she read all the trashy romance novels but I get it. Sometime too much reality is too heavy. I hope your next read is a great one. Thank you for sharing, it is always nice to have the opinions of others before you read something new to you. Have a great week and take care.


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