Thursday, March 30, 2023

All About Mom (My American Idol!)


Mom is moving to a new Memory Care facility tomorrow, and it's just down the street.  I will easily be able to visit as much as I want. 

Right now, I'm trying to design the shadow box that will be right outside her room.  To help me get ready to do that, I'm going to tell you some things that make my mom specialShe.

1. Mom was born on the Naval Base in San Diego, California in the early 1940's.  Her family moved to Iowa soon after where her favorite activity was sledding.

2.  Her favorite animal is a cat, specifically HER two cats.

3.  She met my dad in San Antonio, and when she saw him, she told herself, "I'm going to marry that man."

4.  My mom and dad used to go square dancing.  When she decided to get a new square dance dress, she gave the old one to us girls to play dress-up (similar to the one pictured).  It was my favorite thing!

5. They also used to go to hoe-downs and would sometimes bring my sister and me.

6.  Mom was on a bowling league in the early 70's.

7.  Mom (and her mother too) used to wear wigs in the late 60's and early 70's. It was common then.  I would wear one if it didn'tget so hot.

8.  She almost died after having rotator cuff surger.  They used morphine, which she is allergic to.Mom  that had lots of pretty sequin designs and a special color sequin on each day of the year that is significant to us.

9.  One of mom's rare skills was playing the accordian. She still has it, too!

10.  Mom used to make us calendars  that had lots of pretty sequin designs and a special color sequin on each day of the year that is significant to us.

11.  She also used to use Artex Embroidery Paints, and I loved it when she would let me paint.

12.  She was a Campfire Girls troop leader when we were young.

13.  Mom got her Bachelor's Degree and teacher certification at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.  It's the largest Catholic College in Texas... and she isn't even Catholic!  Go figure!

P.S. SHE BEAT CANCER TWICE!!!!! Lung cancer 2008 and breast cancer 2010,  Amazing!

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  1. Thank you for sharing more about your Mom, she is an incredible woman!

  2. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing about your mother. She sounds like a great person.

  3. Can see your love and respect for your mom in this post.. thank you for sharing more about her..
    My Thursday 13 post is here

  4. That was a very interesting "13". Your mom was a remarkable woman.


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