Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Thursday Thirteen - Better with Age

 I've been spending some time on Pinterest to get birthday card ideas for several members of my family who are getting older not getting any younger, and it made me wonder... Besides people, what else gets better with age?

·       Cars – If kept in good condition, cars become classics.

·         Red Wine – Over time, tannins, sugar, and acidity create a richer flavor.

·         Music – It’s the nostalgia factor.

·         Movies – Nostalgia, again, and fewer distracting special effects meant the story had to be good.

Parmesan Cheese – Enzymes break down creating its unmistakable flavor (cheddar cheese, too).

·         Jeans – When you break them in, they get softer.

·         Cast iron skillets – Grandma’s skillet is seasoned to perfection; it makes food taste better.

·         Balsamic vinegar – The longer the fermentation process, the better it tastes, like wine.

·         Whiskey – Like wine and vinegar, the longer it ages, the richer its taste.

·         Steak – Enzymes break down the fibers over time making it tender.

·         Leather – It gets softer as it ages.

·         Friendships – The longer you’re friends with someone, the less you worry about how they perceive you and you can be yourself.

·         Technology – We used a rotary phone when I was growing up and had no remote control.  We only have 5 channels, too.  We didn’t have a microwave until I was in my teens, and the only video game system I had was PONG.  Technology just continues to get better and better, or at least, more convenient.

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  1. Love this! Here's another: Cats. Kittens are cute but they're dreadful. Adorable, yes, but nothing but adrenaline and claws with the ability to leap. Give me a mature feline any day.

    PS Didn't know it was enzymes that make steak tender. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hopefully people get better with age, but most don't. Your link on THursday 13 didn't work properly, I found you through another route.

  3. Shoes, until they wear out, get more comfortable as they conform to your foot. Excellent Thursday 13!


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