Saturday, May 09, 2020

Sunday Synopsis

Dark Sacred Night: The Brand New Ballard and Bosch ThrillerDark Sacred Night: The Brand New Ballard and Bosch Thriller by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great crime drama! I love how Connelly brings Bosch and Ballard together. She is working the "late show" at the Hollywood Station, and Bosch is working with the San Fernando PD, but Bosch strolls into the division opening file cabinets and looking through things as though he owns the place, and that is when she and Harry meet. When she finds out what he is looking for, she's interested in helping him work a cold case, the death of Daisy Clayton, a 15 year old runaway who was killed and stuffed in a dumpster nine years prior.

In addition to the main plot line of working the cold case, obviously, they have their other jobs to do which also creates drama, intrigue, and suspense. For example, one of the cases Ballard is called out to is about a he-said, she-said rape when the young woman was taken back to a wealthy young man's home and realizes she could possible shake him down for some big bucks. In another part, Bosch executes a search warrant that has the unintended effect of getting his informant killed. Then the gang that was involved goes after Bosch. These are a few of the subplots.

These two characters are so well-developed, but Connelly being a good author, the reader still learns new things about them and their back-stories. The reader meets an interesting cast of characters in this book as well. It's a fast-paced ride with Ballard and Bosch who seem to work well together and I hope that other novels will come out with this pair teamed up.

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