Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Random Tuesday

Hello everyone.  I'm linking up with Stacy.

How do you celebrate your adult children's birthdays?  My twins turn 23 tomorrow.  My daughter won't be here to celebrate until the weekend, but my son is here.  I know some people stop celebrating their children's birthdays once they reach a certain age.  What is socially acceptable?  I'm in my 50's, and my mom still gets me gifts and usually a cake as well.  What are your customs?
The NBA Awards were last night.  I didn't watch.  I knew that Harden wouldn't get MVP two years in a row.  Besides, I see this awards show as a money grab.  They used to announce the MVP regular season and the playoff MVP following the final games of each.  They've added other awards such as Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man, and Most Improved.  I believe they are just trying to sell advertisements to make more money.

Have you see the photo below?

The "gorilla crow" has become an Internet sensation.  The video/pictures have been retweet 111,000 times since showing up on Twitter yesterday.  Here is a link to the video you can watch.

Kaelie Swift, Ph. D., explained why the crow appears to strike a gorilla pose:
"What it’s actually doing is sunning itself. When birds sun they drop their wings and cock their tails.At the right angle that could obscure the legs and tail making it look like they’re missing. Usually the mouth is open and the body is closer to the ground, making the behavior more obvious, but perhaps the videographer caught it in a moment of transition. In any case sunning like this is a common behavior among birds."

I learn something new every day!  And now...

This is a joke.  I hope no one is offended.

Have a great week!

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