Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Random Nonsense

Where I live it's still Tuesday, so here I go.  Linking up with Stacy's Random Tuesday Thoughts.

The parting gift I received on the last day of school?  A summer cold virus.  It has mostly run its course 12 days later except for one thing.  My ear.  I can't remember the last time I had an ear infection, but I do!  It all started with blowing my nose and hearing the swishing in my ear.  Then, I heard a pop and had a sharp pain.  After, it was a dull ache.  Decongestants haven't been drying it out, so I finally, FINALLY, went to the doctor.  Big, bad, ugly ear infection, including fever.

Enough about that... It's summer!!! No school!!! I will go back for one year and then retire.  Actually, I might retire in December.  I deserve it!

I took my cat for her yearly checkup today.  Unfortunately, she didn't get her yearly shots.  She's been itching and has some scabs that the doctor wanted to treat first (no fleas).  That means I have to take her back in two week for her regular shots.  Getting her in the carrier is no easy feat.  It requires planning, stealth, and surreptitious behavior!  She's a great patient, though.  She doesn't whine, bite, scratch or even try to get away when she's there.  Just another adventure to add to my summer calendar.

And now...
Thought this was funny!  Get it?

This is sooo me!

This cracked me up!!!

Your daily laugh!

Have a great week!

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