Monday, February 11, 2019

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy for some random fun!

My husband and I went camping this weekend.  We made the reservations a while back not knowing that it was going to be freezing!  It had been 70 2 days prior to our trip, and it was 70 by the time we got home after our trip, but we dealt with temps in the low 30's to low 40's.  But we stuck it out and ended up having fun and enjoying our time together.  This is our camper.

Yesterday at work, I was almost demolished by the screen I use to project.  I was pulling it down (gently as usual), and on side of it came crashing down breaking one of my lamp shades.  It was a near miss with my head!

Later, I had a student throw his binder and hit an innocent young lady in the head.  He also called me a very inappropriate name.  Soooo, I'm glad Monday is over.  Plus I started and ended my day with meetings.  Such a waste of time!
My husband and I have agreed NOT to purchase anything for Valentine's Day this year.  My DH thinks it could be a trap, but I'm serious.  Not a card, nor candy, nor a flower!  I'm not falling for Hallmark's hyped holiday.  This will be a first for us, though.  We have eaten at Whataburger in years past due to the extreme crowding at restaurants.  What are your plans?

And now...


That's it!  Have a geat week!

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  1. We haven't gotten store-bought cards in ages. We make our own. It doesn't matter to us how simple or fancy, as long as we exchange hand-made cards. DH does the same sort of thing every year which I've come to cherish and always puts a smile on my face. He draws stick people. It's just the cutest cards ever IMO. :) I've moved toward presenting him digital artwork that I create on my iPad which cuts down the use of paper and having to worry with finding a place for it. As for the rest of V-Day, we keep that simple. We'll exchange the tiny (4-pieces) heart-shaped Russell Stovers chocolates. This occasion doesn't have to be a big producation, just make it a big deal with the one you love doing fun little things together. I liked your last meme 'The I Fell Tower'. lol Have a good week!

  2. We ignore Valentine's Day, too. We'd rather use our money for other things.

    Hope you get to go camping again soon and enjoy some warmer temps when you do!


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