Monday, January 28, 2019

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy for some random fun!

I finally got to see my daughter this past weekend.  I hadn't seen her since Christmas.  She moved to another big metropolis here in Texas to be near her boyfriend, so she's searching for a job.
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Job hunting has sure changed since I was her age!  In some ways, I think it's easier because you can do most of it online, at home, in your pajamas.  In another way it's more difficult because there is so much competition due to the availability of qualified candidates.  We used to have to get out and pound the pavement in search of a job, and now it's all on the Internet!  Please pray she finds something soon.
I had so much fun going to Kirkland's with her and choosing some wall decor for her apartment.  My son said (via text), "Mom, you know we have one here," meaning  a Kirkland's near home.  I just told him it was more fun when there is another girl to go with!  Wouldn't you agree?  And my daughter is frugal, so everything was on clearance except for one item.  Good deals!

So... new topic, but old topic... my foot still has a small, broken, bone, and the ligaments are injured, but most important, there is fluid in the joint.  I'm on an anti-inflammatory that has some uncomfortable side effects.  I have to eat when I take it, and still, I notice some not-so-nice gastric side effects, ringing in the ears, difficulty with my sleep pattern, and I have to check my blood pressure while I'm on it.  This could last 2 to 4 more weeks.

And now, to brighter, happier, or at least funnier things:

This brings out the English teacher in me.

Double funny!

Isn't she (or he?) so pretty!?
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Have a great week!


  1. That's a cute kitty picture. Glad you got to visit with your daughter. My 18 yoa son has a job interview in Virginia next week. It's 11 hours away! Not sure how I'll handle him being that far away if he gets the job.

  2. Almost everything is more fun when you have a friend, or daughter, along.

    My high school senior English teacher drilled it into us that "alot" is not a word, and i am so glad she did.


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