Monday, January 14, 2019

Random Tuesday

Hello!  How are all of you fine people?
I took my mom to see Cirque du Soleil Luzia over the weekend.  I got her the tickets for Christmas/birthday.  It was a fantastic show.  A couple of years ago, I took her to see something similar, and it wasn't that great, especially since I've seen two of the Vegas performances Ka and The Beatles Love, both of which were amazing.  I was so happy it was a good show!  I was really impressed with the combination of music, singing, humor, acrobatics, lights, and daredevilish feats of amazement!  Here is the trailer for a sneak peek at the show.

Have you been watching the old Geico commercials?  You can vote for your favorite!  The one I like the best is  "Collect Call."  Wehadababyitsaboy!  After that, it's "Spy."  Are you taking a zumba class? Cracks me up!  And the caveman isn't bad, either.  Two that I don't like are "Hump Day" and "Maxwell the Pig."  I think those two are so annoying. Which one do you like best?  You can watch them all at the Geico voting site and on YouTube (plus a few extras).

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How's this for tragedy?  A chocolate spill!

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This happened at a factory in Werl, Western Germany in December.  Liquid chocolate leaked from a tank onto the street.  I wonder if they were able to make enough chocolate before Christmas to stock the stores.

I'm going tomorrow to have my foot checked again to see if I can come out of the boot or not.  I have a feeling he is going to request an MRI, which I really can't afford right now, but... My foot is better, but not completely healed, so I just have that feeling.  And now my other foot is starting to hurt, probably because I "favor" it when I walk.

And now...

I am silently correcting grammar on Facebook!

Yes, this is for me when I pass on.

You've probably seen this on Facebook, but who can get enough of this cuteness?

Who could resist this face?
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Have a great week!


  1. That show looks fabulous, and i enjoyed the funnies! It is amazing to me how pets have tamed us.

    1. Forgot to add, i hope your foot heals quickly, and the doc is content with a simple X-ray.

  2. Howdy! The show you took your mother to is incredible. I see acts like this sometimes on AGT. Do you watch? I mentioned to DH the other night it's funny how the most entertaining commercials on TV are auto insurance ads - Geico and Progressive. We like the 'Are you taking a Zumba' commerical, too. :D Have a happy random Tuesday! ;)


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