Monday, November 19, 2018

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Counting by 7sCounting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

I believe this is considered a young adult, or maybe a middle grades novel; however, I think the only reason for that is the main character's age. I would recommend this book to adults as well. Several life lessons are prominent, and it's just a very good story.

The main character, Willow Chance, is quirky, to say the least. She's obsessed with medical conditions and counting by 7's. She is accused of cheating on a test and instructed to see the counselor on a regular basis since she will not admit cheating. Counselor Dell Dukes figures out soon enough that Willow is a genius. She teaches herself Vietnamese so she can communicate secretly with the sister of another of Dell's young charges. When Willow's parents die in a tragic accident, Willow's world is turned upside down. She has many lessons to learn about life, and the few months following her parents' death are the breeding ground for this education.

One thing of note is the multi-cultural nature of this book. Additionally, it is not sappy or sentimental as one might expect from a book whose main character loses her parents. The characters are dynamic and likeable despite their flaws. The way that Willow is described made me feel like Willow was gong to be strange, unable to adapt, perhaps autistic. After reading, I just see her as a nomral girl with coping skills and a whole lot of growing up to do as quickly as possible and goes about it in a quite unique way..

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