Monday, November 12, 2018

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy for some random nonsense.

What a week!  Let's see... Food poisoning.  Strep throat.  Cough.  9 and 10 hour work days.  Crazy kids at school who think it's almost summer break - well, at least that's how they're behaving.  So, that sums up my week since last I was here.  How about yours?

Why are making holiday plans with family so difficult?  Maybe it's just my family.  One side doesn't actually make "plans," but you find out at the last minute where you're supposed to be and when.  The other side can't come to an agreement about what, when, where.  Oh, the joy!  Thanksgiving turkey, dressing (not stuffing), and cranberry sauce (the jelly kind) is one of my all-time favorite meals!

But really, I love the holidays, especially from Black Friday on.  I don't really shop on Black Friday, but it indicates that it's getting close to Christmas, so it's socially acceptable to do Christmas shopping, decorating, and planning.  I love to decorate for Christmas!  I love the decor, the tree, the lights, Santa, mistletoe, the smell of evergreen, and fake snowmen (it doesn't snow here more than once every few years, and even then, not enough to stick long enough to build a real snowman.)  I would be even more excited if my husband didn't see it as a dreaded chore.  He would love to skip Christmas (like the Kranks) and go on a vacation instead.  I say, let's do both!

And now...

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Not only working those long hours, but suffering with food poisoning, strep throat and a cough! None of those sound like a fun time, especially when also dealing with kids who are acting like we're coming up on summer break! I suspect they'll be that way until after New Year - at least there's a mini break with Thanksgiving! :)

    My favorites are the turkey, dressing (not stuffing - I don't stuff the bird, it's too soggy for me when it's done that way!) mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I'm not a fan of the jellied cranberry sauce - the hubby and Princess Nagger prefer the canned version - they like that can shaped stuff! I prefer the fresh version I make instead. ;) Everybody's happy!

    We have the same issue with some family members being waaaay too busy for planning get togethers, even holiday ones. My brother and his wife are such social butterflies, their calendar is always booked solid months in advance, what with our side of the family not being close (and many members scattered out of state), but my sister-in-laws family is huge and mostly in this area, so they tend to do all family functions with her side of the family. We get our token time now and again. ;)

    I love decorating for Christmas, too - you and I would get along famously, and our hubbies can relate to being the same, too. ;) Looking forward to decking the halls this weekend after making a huge feast on Thursday! :)

    LOVED your funnies!!! Those are hilarious!! Thanks for being random with me! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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